Architects a Empuriabrava


Atelier027 is an architects and interior design studio based in Empuriabrava. Our professional team guides you through your project journey to transform your idea into a reality.

"The function precedes the form, the form complies with the space and the space serves the subject aspirations. Aesthetics, innovation and attention to detail are the qualities with which we fill the space"

Our projects are the result of a creative and technical bond between the architects and the client. We are an innovative studio which exploits the most cutting-edge technologies to create the best customer experience during the entire project lifecycle. Our mission is to create personalised, innovative and modern domestic environments.

Our team is formed by Gerard Barneda Gullung, architect by the International University of Catalonia (Barcelona) and Anna Troyano Feliu, architect by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona) and trained in interior design at the Politecnico di Milano.

Professionalism and sensitivity describe our involvement in every project, highlighting our great attention to detail and finishes. The craftmanship and the use of noble materials in their natural state are essential to provide every project with a unique and personal character.

All our projects are based on our customer´s needs and lifestyle in order to create customised spaces which reflect their owner´s personality.

Our mission is to create customised homes. For this reason, our priority during the entire project lifecycle is to work together with you, facilitating decision making by providing you 3D models, visualisation of the final project or material samples.

We highly support an interdisciplinary work and we collaborate closely to real-state and building professionals to cover all your needs and accompany you throughout the journey to make your project a reality.

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