Architects a Empuriabrava


sea view house


sea view house


block of apartments with pool and mooring


fisherman house with swimming pool


sea view apartment refurbishment


fisher house with pool


block of apartments

The B53 house is the result of taking a minimalist approach and eliminating all layers of excess, getting to the heart of what is important: the breathtaking views.

The complex geometry of the plot and its topography were the main determining factors for the implementation of the house.

The house was designed taking into account all the details of the surrounding area. The building is inscribed in the landscape in such a way that it preserves the trees that grow here.

The setback result and the different façade planes add dynamism to the whole and visual play of light and shadow. The unusual arrangement of the program on the different levels allowed us to have a terrace-viewpoint and a swimming pool at its highest point.

Large corner windows in the living room blur the line between home and nature, and nature becomes a natural extension of the room.

The building is immersed in the landscape. Sea and mountains are its counterpoints. Fluidity and massiveness.






350 m2

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