Architects a Empuriabrava


sea view house


sea view house


block of apartments with pool and mooring


fisherman house with swimming pool


sea view apartment refurbishment


fisher house with pool


block of apartments

The commissioned object was to convert an old-fashioned and poorly laid out small studio into a one-bedroom apartment with a neutral and timeless interior design.

The plant on which the studio is located and its views of the sea and the Muga River were preexistence of great value to promote and relate to the project.

The challenge was, with a limited budget, the integration of a double room and the owners premise of having a well-equipped kitchen.

The result, a room with open structures for storing clothes that at the same time serve as bedside tables and do not add volume, and a trundle bed with extra storage space.

A bathroom with built-in drawers to store everything you need without adding volume and suspended furniture to gain space. The walls have a neutral finish and we add dynamism with the relief tiles on one of the walls of the room.

The walls of the common space were not straight and the pillars protruded. The resource used was to trace the continuous wall and take advantage of the available background at some points to design a set of holes covered with wood for storage and decoration.

The kitchen has chosen to integrate all the appliances, including the washing machine, and the dining area is an extension of the kitchen counter itself.

A living area with a sofa bed and a large window that opens to the views and the large terrace. The apartment grows. Interior-exterior is the same whole.

In interior design, the use of white as a base color to give light and spaciousness to the space and the use of materials in its natural finish such as wood and concrete has been the resource used to maintain a neutral and timeless character.






40 m2

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